Public Square support local communities 
by offerind the tools necessary for engaging citizens and building smart cities..

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Public Square is the complete set of tools for connecting people to their cities.
Public Square and its suite of web and mobile applications bring in one place citizens, local authorities
and utility companies.


Local authority Transmit messages
with an exceptional efficiency

Public Square helps local authorities to easily connect to their residents and leverage the power of community in improving the quality of city services. Is easy to use. Is a complete set of tools, available on all technology platforms and communication environments - online, iOS, Android, integrated with SMS messages and widely used social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Most importantly, is available fully personalized in a matter of days, not months.

Building a social space
Public Square works based on communities or neighborhoods, that are identified using geolocalization coordinates, to make sure that users are sharing the same interests and problems. We encourage users to connect with each other within their neighborhoods and build a sense of community together with the local agencies and City Hall.

Targeted communication
The communication targeting is made based on location. The local authority, city hall or any other type of institution, can signal a local interest issue to the residents of a neighborhood and only to them.

Public services
Once the community is connected to the city, new tools for public services can be activated within day. The local authority can ask the residents directly on priorities, on new services launch, on investments plans. It can also deliver all city public services in one official city network, where everyone is already connected.


NeighborsThe local
social network

Public Square was build as a smart city network. People are engaged in their community’s life, they stay connected with neighbors and local agencies. They are informed and, through technology, can get a taste of the strong  community spirit of the past in present day urban environments. They get empowered as never before in local governance. They set the local priorities. They can easily put their opinion forward on local issues, send suggestions, complaints, buy goods or services together or just keep a close watch on the security of their neighborhood.

Perfect control
The water supply stops because of local damage? Road repair works are scheduled in his neighborhood? The residents are alerted through push notifications, emails or SMS messages.

Stay informed
Public Square can work very well as an official city electronic publication. To a fraction of the costs of traditional media, the local authorities, agencies and utility companies can conveniently transmit news to their audiences.

Stay connected
Public Square is fundamentally a local social network. Beside improving local governance, Public Square allows people with similar interests to stay connected with each other and share warnings, news, events or even goods with their neighbors.


Utility companiesReceive suggestions, send alerts
and connect local services
to city network

The local residents can send warnings to their local authorities and utility companies with one click from the web applications or directly from their mobile phone. The utility companies and local agencies are pre-connected to Public Square and these warnings can easily get to them, without involving the city hall.

Warnings history
Public Square allows tracking and control for warnings in time. Using our carefully designed insight tools, the local authority gets a comprehensive perspective regarding the problems facing the local communities it serves.

Utlity companies and local agencies can send warnings directly to residents, without involving third parties in this process.

Service tools
With the whole population of a city connected to one open framework, utility companies and local agencies can develop their own service tools to better serve the people using our open API. 


Complete functionalities
The local community,
available anytime, anywhere.

The local authorities can send alerts to citizens on urgent alerts using push notifications, emails and SMS messages. Also, the residents can themselves send warnings to authorities and neighbors as well.

Neighbors can post classifieds for stuff, services or jobs. These offers will be relevant at local level, such as looking for a baby sitter or a plummer offering his services to neighbors.

People can ask their neighbors for help. Their help requests is limited to those problems that involve to a degree their local community as well (e.g. taking care of kids, cleaning a public space and so on).

The local agencies and utility companies can easily transmit news and general interest messages towards citizens. These messages can be targeted based on location, but also personal interests and other criteria.

Authorities and neighbors can announce the events organized at local level. These events are visible for their neighbors, inside their communities (e.g. local kids parties, community celebrations).

How does it work?
Powerfull tools,
designed to make the life in a city better.

Public Square offers the complete set of tools to engage the communities you serve.
The platform brings in one place the people of your city and allows you to offer in one place all public services aimed at
general population. This way, your city cuts costs and development time for software applications and avoid risks associated
to building apps to be used by large numbers of users.